The differences in Replacement windows and new construction windows

The differences in Replacement windows and new construction windows

replacement windows louisville kyWithout proper information, homeowners can confuse replacement windows Louisville KY with new construction windows. There will be a time to choose between the two, and this discussion will help you make the right choice.


Understanding replacement windows

Windows installed in an existing window opening as replacement of the current window are replacement windows. If your windows are weather-beaten, deteriorated they will at a point need replacing. Your need may be to improve the aesthetics of the old window or to enhance its energy efficiency. Of course, you do know that the role of windows is multifaceted, don’t you? Without needing to go the long hull of replacing your entire windows construction, the replacement windows give you the benefits to beauty and efficiency.


By definition, replacement windows exist, so you do not remove your home’s exterior materials to install the window. Also called retrofit windows, they are designed to fit in an existing window opening and replace the old windows.


Types of replacement windows

  • Flush fin or z-bar. Used in markets with aluminum windows with stucco or masonry exterior. They come with large exterior flange designed to hide the windows frame. These types of retrofit windows are used in California.
  • Block frame. They are common in markets using wood windows with brick or siding exterior. The windows fitting leave the original wood frame in place and excellent condition.


What is a new construction window?

A new construction window, on the other hand, is a brand new window used in a brand new home. With the new home studs still exposed, new construction windows are designed to install directly on to the frame by nailing it into the framing of the home.


Differences between the two types of windows

The easiest way to understand both windows is by looking at the best time to use each one. Replacement windows are best for existing homes needing windows upgrades. Whereas new construction windows are used when you are constructing a new home, replacement windows are form existing homes. From these perspectives, it is easy to understand the use of replacement windows as follows:

  1. Quick home improvement project. When you are embarking on home enhancement, retrofit windows are used.
  2. Improve existing windows. When your existing windows are obsolete or deteriorated; replacement windows will to improve the aesthetics for you.
  3. Replacement windows are costs saving options. With replacement windows, you don’t need to replace your windows framing and studs and it prevents breaking your windows framing walls to fix new windows.
  4. They are cheap and flimsy. Homeowners will find using retrofit windows a better option in term of cost. Thus, you can quickly improve your windows without upsetting your finances.


Replacement windows are of different qualities; we suggest you contact the author of this article if you need help choosing the right quality. There are other benefits of using retrofit windows including energy efficiency to save more on energy bills. Check our other interesting articles on retrofit windows to learn more on the benefits of using this home improvement material.

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