“CUTOUT RALPH” Ralph Wiggum Cake for Threadcakes

Cutout Ralph cake for threadcakes

This year’s Threadcakes competition has been quite exciting! I had no idea that when I choo choo choose this Cutout Ralph design by Erick Flores that it would be loved by so many people all over the internet.  I knew I loved the design and people would love it simply because it was Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons, but 1.5 million views… it just blows my mind.   There are many comments out there that don’t believe this is really a cake, which has to be the biggest compliment ever.  I think that means I did something right.

I have since made a quick flipagram video, showing you some more photos I had taken of the process of making the Cutout Ralph cake.  Check it out on YouTube.

Make sure you also check out Threadcakes.com to see all the other amazing entries this year.  The cakes that people come up with are incredible and most of the people participating aren’t even cake designers, they are just people that want to have fun making a cake.   So maybe you should start looking through the huge collection of threadless designs and pick one to do next year!  Trust me, start now it’s no easy feat with so many witty designs to choose from.  They even encourage party cakes.  That’s right, get a couple of friends to come over, bake a cake, take some pictures along the way and then you get to eat some most delicious cake, mmm mmm!   If you do, you’ll have to let me know because I won’t want to miss that.

Parts of Cutout Ralph cake - Freshly Squeez'd

Loved having body parts and bones lying around the kitchen.

Cutout Ralph Cake in the making - Freshly Squeez'd   Ralph Wiggum cake getting a kiss

Sadly we are no Lisa Simpson, but we thought Ralph needed a little love before we dissected his better half.

Threadcakes entry Cutout Ralph cake

Cutting into Cutout Ralph Wiggum cake

Eating Ralph Cake

Thank you to everyone for all the cake love, views, shares and comments.  They mean the world to me.  I still don’t think I can quite grasp that something I made has been viewed all over the world, there are blogs I can’t read a single word of other then Ralph Wiggum.  Thank you to Chris Cardinal for putting on this innovative, global, crazy fun cake contest, and to all of the peeps at threadless and all the T-Shirt designers for inspiring us and allowing us to transform your designs into cake.   Special thanks to Katie for helping me in that moment (after four long days of RALPH) of “Maybe we should just eat him now, I’m not sure if the black outline is even going to work anyways.”  Thank you thank you thank you for knowing I would be heart broken if I didn’t give it my all.  Finally thanks to my roommate for making that first cut, that I just couldn’t make myself, and helping me eat poor little Ralph.  Oh and I can’t forget, Mistermonkus for sharing my Ralph Wiggum cake with the Redit community, you rock my friend!


KyKy xx


Owl Cake Pop Tutorial

Wahooooooo!!! 1000 facebook likers.  It still boggles my mind that there are 1000 people out there, and at least one pig – miss olive, that I know of, who choose to spend your precious time checking out what crazy things I have made.  I am beyond words thankful for your support and encouragement.  To spread the love I have created a visual tutorial of how I made these super special cake pops for Fiona.

I formed the cake pops into their owl shape, stuck them on their sticks and popped them in the freezer for approx. 10 mins just to stiffen up.  Then I dipped them in a light teal chocolate hot tub and set aside to dry.  Then using a piping tip, cookie cutters, I cut out all the required pieces out of coloured modelling chocolate: chest feather piece, eyes, beak, wings, eyebrows and/or bow.  You could use fondant here if you preferred but since the pop is covered in chocolate I decided to stick with modelling chocolate.  I also like that I can get all the pieces ready and not worry about them drying out.  I used a water brush to attach the pieces to the body and modelling tools to give the pieces some texture.

Let me know what you think of the tutorial, if you have any questions please ask and let us know what you would like to see next!

Dipping the owl cake pop in melted chocolate










The girl owl cake pops are almost the same, I just made a couple of changes along with colour, the eyes and a wee little bow!

How to make owl cake pops girl - freshly squeez'd

Freshly Squeez'd owl cake pops


Thanks for Liking Freshly Squeez’d!!!


Kyky xx

Threadcakes – Green Thumberjack

It’s that time of year again.  THREADCAKES TIME!! Wooot woot!

If you missed it last year, Threadless is an online, community-sourced t-shirt store that holds contests to find their new designs. Threadcakes is a contest where entrants get to pick from the huge, diverse selection of designs at Threadless and replicate it in cake.  There is a 2D category and a 3D category.  Last year I picked the Green Thumberjack design by Brian Cook and built into a 3D chocolate cake.

Now it is time to go through the roughly 5,000 Threadless designs and pick this years inspiration.  While I do, here are a few pics from the making of last year’s Thumberjack.

a torso and legs

freshly squeez'd - setting up

As you can see you need a lot of tools to make a man out of cake.  Things also tend to a get a little messy in the kitchen, but messy = fun, right?

threadcakes Freshly Squeez'd

Mr. thumberjack threadcakes - freshly squaeez'd

Mr. thumberjack threadcakes - freshly squaeez'd

Mr. thumberjack threadcakes - freshly squaeez'd

cutting into Mr. thumberjack threadcakes - freshly squaeez'd

Thanks to my Bro and his wife Katie for being the brave ones to cut into the cake.  I guess the reward of getting to eat the cake was enough incentive!

cutting into Mr. thumberjack threadcakes - freshly squaeez'd

Kade’s First Birthday + Smash Cake

Although it is a little late, I wanted to share with you, in honour of this awesome little man’s 2nd birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KADE!! His first birthday treats and cake smash session.  I have been honoured to make some very special treats and hand painted canvases for this guy’s room since he came into our lives.  It is lucky that his birthday is in the middle of the summer when he, his mom Kristin and dad Jason are usually back in the valley for a visit.  For his first birthday we carried on the nautical theme that we started with his nursery art and baby shower cookies.  The cupcakes were white chocolate with passionfruit buttercream and white modelling chocolate toppers.

Graphic nautical cupcakes  - freshly squeez'd

Red, yellow, blue graphic nautical cupcakes

Graphic nautical cake - with gold sparkly anchor - freshly squeez'd

Graphic white and red cake. gold heart - freshly squeez'd


Red + White stripped cupcake topper - Freshly Squeez'd

Graphic hand painted rocking horse - Freshly Squeez'd

For his birthday Kristin asked if I could paint her old childhood rocking horse to suit her modern little man.  She wanted it to be gender neutral incase a little girl comes along in the future and also wanted it to fit into their house, like it could be another piece of furniture.  Hopefully the neutral colour tones and geometric style will stand the test of time.  Wear and tear from a very busy little man on the other hand, I cannot guarantee.

Kristin and Jason got married exactly one year and one day before this special guy showed up and they had they has the wonderfully talented Ria Hasen photograph their wedding.  So it only seemed fitting that they would asked her to do a smash cake session for Kade.  I was so excited to make this blue ombre cake, even though it didn’t last very long, it was a special one and the photos are just priceless!

Blue ombre non perils smash cake - Freshly Squeez'd

Little boys first birthday smash cake session

Kades smash cake session


Check out Ria’s beautiful work – RIA HANSEN PHOTOGRAPHY 


Miss Austyn’s first Birthday!

Pink desert party set up - Freshly Squeez'd

I can hardly believe it– my sweet little niece is 1 already.  A year really flies by fast.  Well, Katie aka Mama, didn’t have a theme and told me to just go for it, so of course I went girly and picked pink.  There was a coconuty carrot cake with rich cream cheese frosting and delicate royal icing flowers, and an egg-free vanilla cake with buttercream swirls  for little Miss Austyn to smash and enjoy.  Oh, and some pink white chocolate and raspberry macaroons with a touch of gold.

Pink + gold macaroon - Freshly Squeez'd

Austyns first birthday cake - Freshly Squeez'd

Royal icing flowers- close up

Pink swirly buttercream smash cake - Freshly Squeez'd

Egg free vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream swirls in soft pink.first birthday "One" cake topper - Freshly Squeez'd

Somebody’s excited to get their very first birthday cake! Austyn first birthday

We did a smash cake session a couple of days later with Austyn all dressed up in her tutu. So much fun!

Smash cake - One - freshly squeez'd

black and white first birthday smash cake - Freshly Squeez'd

Smash cake photo session tutu - freshly squeez'd

pink smash cake photo session - freshly squeez'd

Happy first birthday sweetness,

Love Aunty KyKy xx

Love day photo shoot

Valentine’s Day is a day to spread the love.  It doesn’t matter if it’s love for a friend, a partner, a sibling, a child or a parent, it reminds us to tell those special people in our lives that we love them.

I love taking pictures of the oh-so-cute little people in my life and thought that a Valentine’s Day photo shoot would be perfect.  I started drawing up some ideas for the photo shoot, background options, and prop options.  I decided to make a super sparkly LOVE banner and had the perfect neon sparkles.  I tried to keep everything else pretty neutral so that the neon would stand out and I think it turned out alright.  Oh, and we threw in some candy and some heart-shaped pillows to finish it off.

Austyn Valentines photo shoot love banner

Archer - Sad face photo

Penelope + conversation hearts.

I thought it would be fun to have a couple different little setups so that the babies could play around and hopefully not get too bored of me taking pics.  So this was the scene on one side of the room.  On the other I had hung geometric paper hearts, which I saw on this fabulous website and had to make!  For a free printable pattern to make your own check out minieco.co.uk (no affiliation, I just think she is amazing!)  There’s tons of fun paper projects on the site.  I printed them at two different sizes so that there was a bit of variation.  I was pleasantly surprised that the kidlets didn’t tear them down and although I wasn’t too concerned about it,  it definitely made me smile when one had fallen down and Archer wanted to put it back up!


Austyn V day photo shoot + geometric hearts

Archer + paper hearts valentines photo shoot

Archer + paper hearts valentines photo shoot 2


Happy B-Lated Valentines day everyone,

Kyky xx

Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts

Blown sugar art Narwhale - Freshly Squeez'd

It’s been a few months since I went to Toronto to the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts but finally have the chance to share some photos with you.

A collage of sugar flowers I made at Bonnie Gordon College - Freshly Squeez'd

Sugar flower roses, orchids and calla lilies.

Haute Couture wedding cake - freshly squeez'd

Haute couture cakes with Jaquline - freshly Squeez'd

Haute couture wedding cakes was one of the most anticipated sections.  We got to choose a photo of a dress as inspiration.  Jaquline, one of my class mates, is holding up our backdrop to take some shots of both of our cakes together.

Red, Black and gold wedding cake inspired by vintage circus and moulin rouge

"love" banner, glitter detail heart - Freshly Squeez'd

For our wedding cake assignment, we were all given a theme as well as a few details about the clients and their weddings.  Mine was to have lots of red and black.  They also loved the Moulin Rouge, with a vintage circus feel.  I will admit I was a bit worried by this, as it is not really in my comfort zone.  In the end I was so glad that I got this theme; it really pushed me to try some new things and I loved the end result.  My favourite new technique… lambeth piping, which is a technique from 1930.  I adapted it to my design and then painted the piping gold.  Oh, and disco dust, who couldn’t love disco dust!

Mr. Munny carved cake project - freshly squeez'd

Our carved cake project was made out of banana cake and Rice Krispies.  My Munny’s body is made of cake and his head and legs are Rice Krispies.

Gugenheim inspired cake design - Freshly Squeez'd

The final assignment was client based (although the client was fake).  It was a surprise cake for a museum curator retirement party who loved Spanish architecture and the Guggenheim.  I really enjoyed making the carved stone look with modelling chocolate.

Me in front of the world map at Bonnie Gordon College - freshly squeez'd

All dressed up in the chef outfit.  I was ecstatic when Bonnie herself put  a little pin on Vancovuer Island for me.  There are pins from all over the world, and it felt pretty amazing to be a part it.

I was a little nervous when the last day came so quickly but I was also so very excited to get back to beautiful British Columbia!

Sunny Ombre SMASH cake!

Archers sunny smash cake and hand made green monster stuffy

For Archers first birthday I got to make him a smash cake.  Free rein on colours, so I decided to make it as sunny and bright as the birthday boy himself.  A yellow and orange ombre smash cake it was. I love adding liberal amounts of buttercream on smash cakes so they can get nice and messy! Also pictured here is one of the monster stuffies I made for Archer’s first birthday which were from the design of his baby shower invitations. 

Archers ombre sunny smash cake

Piping Archers smash cake

Yellow and Orange smash cake tutorial

I started by crumb coating the cake with regular swiss meringue buttercream. Then I tinted the whole bowl with a little yellow.  Pipped on a few dots of colour in the centre then added a little more colour.  I just added colour to the whole bowl instead of making lots of bowls of colours because I knew it would work out with my colour scheme.  So I just kept building up the coloured dots as I went along, I did about two rows for each addition. Then once the whole cake was covered in buttercream in the ombre colour effect, I used a pallet knife to smooth it out and add texture in a kind of messy rustic way. You can also see that I went ahead and used vanilla bean paste in this buttercream which I normally wouldn’t do because you can see the little black specs, but I love the taste and thought it added a bit of that rustic feel.

Sunny Ombre smash cake

Buttercream ombre smash cake - by Freshly Squeez'd

yellow and orange ombre smash cake on grey background


The smash cake photo shoot was priceless and oh so cute!

KyKy xx

Yellow and orange smash cake being eaten by Archer!

Photo by Livia Supplie


Monster cookies, Monster baby shower and Monster cake!

Baby shower invites featuring monster cookies


It all started when Archer’s aunty  Coco got him a super cool monster mobile for his arrival. We used that for the theme of the baby shower.  Complete with a monster cookie, cookie bar!  Inside each invitation we also included a recipe card for the attendees to write out their favorite cookie recipe.  I secretly hope that one day Archer will enjoy making these recipes and that they will be special to him, knowing he got them from people who love heaps at his baby shower.

So naturally I decided to make some monster shaped cookies for the cookie bar.  But I can’t take credit for all the delicious cookies, I had lots of help!

Monster cookies for a cookie bar

Cookie bar for baby shower

The baby shower was a blast, meeting Archer was the best and the next year just flew by.  It was time for his first birthday and I couldn’t think of a better cake then a monster cake. It was my first attempt at a carved cake and I have lots to learn, but I was pretty happy with the outcome for a first try.  I also made a couple of monster stuffies to match (the little green and orange guys are sewed stuffies) for Archer to keep.

Carved Monster cake by Freshly Squeez'd


Monster cake and stuffies by Freshly Squeez'd

I also made a smash cake for him but that will be another post.

Thanks for visiting,


KyKy xx


Making Rocket Ship Cookie Pops


While searching and testing different ways to bake the perfect sugar cookie I have found a few tricks.  The first is to combine two ways of rolling out the dough.  After mixing the dough, I wrap the disks in plastic wrap and place them in the fridge, but only for a maximum of 20 minutes. I know there is some chemistry going on here so I don’t want to completely skip this step.  Traditionally, you would leave it longer, until fully chilled, but I find after a couple of batches, my wrists aren’t a fan of rolling out super hard, cold dough.  Next I take it out and roll it between two sheets of parchment paper. I use clean paint stir sticks as a guide for rolling out even thickness.  Then I transfer the rolled dough onto a cookie sheet and into the freezer for 5 -10 minutes.  Cooling the dough in the freezer makes your cookie shapes come out beautifully, and it also makes it easier to transfer your cookies to the cookie sheet. Then pop the pan of cookies back into the freezer for a couple more minutes until the cookies are cool before putting them in the oven.   After cooling, I decorated these cookies using a white chocolate fondant. For a great sugar cookie recipe and tips on making sugar cookie pops, check out this tutorial on Sweetapolita.

Rolling out sugar cookie dough

Steps for creating Rocket ship shaped sugar cookies pops

I used the same cookie cutter that I used for the cookies to cut out the shape in fondant, then trimmed away the excess with a sharp paring knife.  Then I used a gum paste tool to make lines in the fondant and the end of a piping tip to add divettes to create a vintage-y metal look.  I added some silver (airbrush colour) paint to the trim around the windows and pearl dust to the windows to add some shine to the cookies.  Lastly, I added a little white fondant highlight, as if a bright shooting star is flying by and reflecting in the window.

Adding fondant to decorate rocket ship sugar cookies


I made these cookies for my little buddy who was turning 5.  I made a couple extra moons and squares and used the textures that were already there to create some fun personalized ones just for him.  I love the moons and actually found that technique by mistake.  I was using the end of a ball tool to make a dent for the darker piece of fondant to sit in and was pleasantly surprised by the crater effect that it left.  I love finding techniques like this. Remember to always keep your mind open to new possibilities and make a few extra cookies so you can experiment with a couple along the way!

KyKy xx